Thankfully, there is light at the end of the tunnel with normality on the horizon. Our procedures and operations are subject to government guidelines and we will of course update all of our customers prior to arrival of any changes as soon as possible.

We closely follow government advice as per the .GOV website to ensure the safest possible environment for both our guests and employees. A welcome letter detailing all safety advice and procedures will be given to all customers on arrival at your hotel however a few operational procedures you can expect at our hotels are as follows: 

From May 17th

- Face coverings must be worn when walking around the hotel (these can be removed when seated at a table)

- Guests must maintain social distancing

- The rule of 6 applies when in our bars and restaurants

- Table service only (guests must await service when in bars and restaurants)

- Please use contactless payment when purchasing snacks or goods within the hotel

- Please sanitize and wash hands regularly

From June 21st

(TBC as per government guidelines - however a full relaxation of restrictions expected)